On August 19, 2023, the Centre for Educational Research and Training(CERT) in collaboration with the Education Society of the Department of Education at Aligarh Muslim University, organized a round table conference titled “Shiksha Samvad.” The event took place at the Conference Hall of the Department of Education, AMU. Dr. Mujibul Hassan Siddiqui, Chairman of the Department of Education, inaugurated the conference. Dr. Roshan Mohiddin, Director of the CERT, introduced the theme and highlights of the campaign.


The main objective of the conference was to address educational disparities and promote equal opportunities within the field of education. Various important topics were discussed during the conference. These included the drop-out rates of UG/PG students among the Muslim community, identifying the root causes behind these rates, and brainstorming innovative strategies to enhance enrollment and retention rates. The conference also delved into the subject of madrasa education and explored the role of educational participation in community development.

Esteemed professors from the Department of Education, Aligarh Muslim University, were in attendance, including senior professors like Prof. Nasrin, Prof. Mohd. Abid Siddiqui, Associate Prof. Mohammed Hanif Ahmed, Assistant Prof. Noora Abdul Kader, Assistant Prof. Shazia Mansoori, and Assistant Prof. Uzma Siddiqui. Their active participation contributed significant insights and ideas to the discourse surrounding the conference’s theme.