Prof. Vikas Gupta, Prof. Anita Rampal, Prof. Madhu Prasad, Prof. Suresh Babu, and Prof. Jawed Hussain joined in a thought-provoking discussion on promoting inclusion and equity in education.

Dr Roshan Mohiddin, director of CERT, addressing the discussants

The group of intellectuals delved into the crucial matter of promoting inclusion and equity in education, touching upon the pressing need to address the problem of marginalized communities’ high dropout rates.

Prof. Anita Rampal, Prof. Vikas Gupta (left to right)

The conversation also revolved around the advantages and disadvantages of instituting a standardized test like CUET and highlighted the pivotal role played by the RTE Act in fostering inclusivity and equity.

Prof. Suresh Babu

Concluding on a note of consensus, the drawbacks of so-called rationalised changes in textbooks and they underscored the importance of revisiting and revamping the NCF to cater to the diverse requirements of all learners.

The event was held at SIO headquarters on the 11th of April 2023, which was followed by an Iftar meet.