Dr. Thouseef Madikeri

Thouseef Madikeri  is the founding director of Centre for Educational Research & Training. He holds a Ph.D in Biotechnology. His area of expertise includes Bio-fuels, Educational Policy & administration. He has initiated many educational debates in the state of Karnataka & across the nation among educationist, politicians and student Community. He has organized around 200+ seminars, discussions and conferences on educational issues, the initiatives taken by Thouseef Madikeri are Education in Assembly, Sansad Mein Shiksha, Students Parliament, Shiksha Samvad, Shiksha Adalat, Mewat Educational development, Sarkaar se Sawaal & he has also organized various National & International conferences in different Universities of India. He has a number of publications, articles & reports on the issues of education in newspaper & journals.